TEASE: App to create software development teams

In a agile world you want to create small multi-functional teams for building software products. Each team can independently work on a core featureĀ of the product you want to create.
Allocating productiveĀ multi-functional teams is hard. Project-managers need to take into account the persons’ hard skills, soft skills and personal relation ships in order to create productive teams.

TEASE (TEam Allocation for Software Engineering) aims to support and structure the process of allocating optimal software engineering teams from a pool of persons. TEASE supports project managers in threeĀ aspects:

  1. By generating team suggestions automatically
    Based on the individual preferences and properties of each personĀ TEASE is able to generate team suggestions intelligently. The project manager can use these suggestions as a starting point for allocating the final teams.Ā Teams are suggested based on an algorithm that takes into account the skills and attitude of the available persons.
  2. By offering an interface to easily adapt Teams
    A special focus was given Ā on the user interface of TEASE. It allows the project manager to easily adaptĀ the teams usingĀ drag&drop similar to the famous user interface of Trello. It was designed with the principles and concepts of Material DesignĀ to create an intuitive and responsive user interface.
  3. By providing real-time statistics about team quality
    While refining the teams TEASE calculates a Team Quality Score for each team. It is based on academic research about what makes up a productive software engineering team. Additionally the project manager can define his own constraints that each team should satisfy e.g. the minimum number of designers in each team. If the project manager needs more insight than that other statistics are shown (for example the number of Android programmers in each team).

TEASE is currently used by the Technical University of Munich to allocate student teams thatĀ implement software solutions during the iPraktikum course.


Test the alpha version here: tease-app.maltebucksch.com