is an app that I developed with our amazing team at QuickBird Studios for iOS and Android.
It helps students to manage their study plan. You can easily download your whole study plan including all of your subjects.
Students can then manage their grades, the time of their lectures and add other information like notes.

It enables you to easily track your study progress, which lectures you passed and which still need to be done.
In addition it informs you what is needed to reach your dream grade. is the first app that makes managing your studies super easy, fun and motivating. All of that while providing individual study plans from thousands of universities in Germany.
We developed it for xStudy, the biggest study search provider in Germany.

It’s been an amazing project and the cooperation with xStudy was as always a real pleasure.
The app has already been ranked under the best education apps by Chip.

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xStudy Team and our team at QuickBird Studios

xStudy Team